New tunnel details

Deaths are double the number of births

New tunnel details - map on the front page of JM

The main picture on the front page of JM brings news about the recently announced new tunnel that will cross Funchal from one end to the other, or rather, three parishes. It is another highlight of this edition, with a preview of what could be the design of the new tunnel.

The map presents the connection between Campo da Barca and the new hospital. It will include distribution areas in São Martinho, São Pedro and Santa Maria Maior and is almost on the border with Santo António, São Roque and Imaculado.

The Regional Government itself concluded that there was a need to relieve traffic congestion at the entrances and exits of the expressway, in accessing several parishes in Funchal, a growing problem that is taking on the proportions of systematic traffic jams, especially at peak hours.

Albuquerque made known the need for the work on the new tunnel to be transversal to Funchal, passing through several parishes, and in the JM sketch the new route actually starts in São Martinho, in Santa Rita, ‘ roça’ Santo António, ‘catching’ the density of the entire area of ​​São Martinho, also São Pedro, here on the borders with São Roque and Imaculado, and also Santa Maria Maior, heading towards São Gonçalo.

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Deaths are double the number of births

From January to May, 1,356 people died in Madeira. In the same period, only 709 babies were born. The numbers confirm that the negative natural balance continues to worsen, following the trend of recent years. ‘Deaths are already twice as many births’ is the main highlight of this edition of JM.

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  1. I wonder how much this is going to cost when there are so many unemployed persons that don’t even receive help from the government, or perhaps it’s just another way to get money from the eu.

  2. Deaths are double the number of births

    Considering the amount of building and non-Madeirans buying property it would be interesting what nationalities were the Births and Deaths. Also, the number of Madeirans emigrating as opposed to the number of foreign nationals taking up residence.


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