Marcelo: We owe “part of our independence” to the UK

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Marcelo falou aos jornalistas na embaixada em Londres.

Diário de Notícias reports that the Portuguese President has justified not just with protocol, but also with the long alliance of 650 years and the support of the English to Portugal over the centuries, the three days of mourning decreed by the death of the Queen.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said this Sunday that standing before the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, in Westminster Hall, was like being before almost a hundred years of history and recalled that we owe the United Kingdom “part of our independence”.

Asked by Portuguese journalists in London about the fact that three days of mourning had been decreed in Portugal for the death of Elizabeth II, Marcelo recalled that “there is a certain protocol” and that three days of mourning had already been decreed for the death, among others, by Japanese Emperor Hirohito. “And several other important heads of state, but not so important in terms of the History of Portugal”, he said, remembering that the Queen “represented six and a half centuries of history” and was someone “to whom we owed, indirectly, to the country which represented a lot of our independence”.

“The Queen represented six and a half centuries of history”

“It was a tribute, not only to his majesty, but to the historic role at crucial moments that first England and then the United Kingdom, working for our independence in the 14th century, working again in the 17th century, a part of our independence is due to this country,” he said.

Marcelo was questioned by Portuguese journalists at the Portuguese embassy in London, after King Charles III’s reception for world leaders, at Buckingham Palace, on a day when he also paid tribute to Isabel II passing through Westminster Hall, where he is in a burning chamber, and signed the condolence book.

“A moment of recognition, gratitude and admiration for her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for her courage, for her sense of state, for her knowledge of people, wisdom, experience, stability, the affability with which she lived successive periods and difficult in the history of the world.

“I had the opportunity, first in writing, in a longer form, and then abbreviated by recording [in a video] and then I verbally transmitted to His Majesty King Charles and the Queen Consort, on behalf of the Portuguese people, the condolence, the pain , with which Portugal accompanied this moment”

“I remembered our alliance that will celebrate for the year 650 years, which is the longest, the oldest Portuguese alliance and perhaps one of the oldest, if not also the oldest, also in the United Kingdom. The Queen’s state visits Unforgettable Elizabeth II in 1957 and 1985. And all this I had the opportunity to personally convey to His Majesty King Charles.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

“It was a unique and unforgettable moment because I felt I was representing Portugal”

The President later said that the king thought that the anniversary of the relationship was already being celebrated, with Marcelo remembering that it will be next year, with Charles III explaining that he sponsored the events, as Prince of Wales. “It came to his mind immediately and as greetings that were not formal, at a reception with hundreds of heads of state and government, it was very heartfelt,” he said.

Marcelo also spoke of his trip to Westminster Hall, where Elizabeth II’s coffin is. “It’s facing a hundred years of history”, he said. “It went through World War II, the post-war period, the euphoric period that followed, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the change in the world, the entry and exit of European communities. All this came to mind,” he added.

“It was a unique and unforgettable moment, because I felt I was representing Portugal”, Marcelo told journalists in London.

“On behalf of Portugal and the Portuguese, I would very much like to convey to His Majesty, King Charles III, the royal family and the British, the greetings and the deep admiration and gratitude of the Portuguese, without ever forgetting our 650-year alliance”

Marcelo, in a short statement in English after signing the condolence book, at Lancaster House.

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