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JM reports that the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) is not ‘bending’ and is maintaining its unfavourable opinion on the installation of the Lidl supermarket chain in Largo Severiano Ferraz, next to the Cota 40 tunnel, in Funchal, although it has already approved three projects of the company in other areas of the City.

According to the news advanced this Thursday by the Diário de Notícias da Madeira, reported here yesterday, the supermarket chain Lidl bought the Madeira Wine building at Cruz Vermelha, for around five million euros, with the aim of building another space in the centre. from Funchal. In May, the municipality gave an unfavourable opinion to the Building Information Request (PIP), but the company decided to appeal the decision of the councillor for Urbanism hierarchically to the mayor of Funchal, an appeal that was analyzed today at a chamber meeting.

The position of the municipality was stressed by Pedro Calado, right after the usual weekly meeting, and the Funchal president admitted some surprise by the hierarchical appeal presented by Lidl, which ended up receiving a negative opinion again.

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“It was something that had already been discussed with Lidl for many months, since November and December of last year, when this company moved here to the Region with the intention of starting its activity here in Madeira”, he pointed out, adding that the negative opinion later appeared in May and June in response to a Request for Prior Information (PIP) submitted by the company.

“They insisted again in June and in July we said that we were going to give unfavourable opinions again. Therefore, all indications by the Chamber have always been unfavourable in that place. Even so, the company wanted to acquire the space in August. Anyway, it may be acquiring the space for other purposes, not for this one specifically”, he reinforced.

Lidl project not in line with Municipal Master Plan

The mayor emphasizes that the Lidl project for that space does not respect some rules of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM), in addition to that it would generate traffic and mobility problems.

However, Calado recalls that the municipality has already approved three Requests for Prior Information from the company, one in Zona do Amparo, on Avenida Mário Soares; another at the site of Poço Barral (former AKI) and a third unit, at Rua do Dr. Pita.

“Therefore, the group’s coming to the Region is not at issue, on the contrary”, he said, recalling that it is a “large investment of 100 million euros” that will result in 150 more jobs.

Regarding this issue, councillor Miguel Silva Gouveia told journalists that Coligação Confiança had no prior knowledge of the hierarchical appeal presented, so he proposed to remove this item from the agenda, in order to postpone the vote for a week to analyze the situation. This request was refused by the executive. “The only thing that was given to us to vote on was a position of the Chamber that would again be to reject”, he observed, adding that the opposition voted, therefore, against the intention of the municipality.

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  1. Good news ‘another 150 more jobs’ very true, working for Lidl.
    But how many jobs will be lost as other stores close or sack some staff ? Is Largo going to be their warehouse site ?
    So, in a few years 150/ 250 extra jobs for Lidl, but what will the net loss of jobs be for Madeira ?
    Work on 750 to 1000 at least retail food and non food (a big chunk of Lidl sales) and local suppliers. (based on US experience of discount stores)

    • Question. Do you have the choice to spend money, either in the supermarket of your choice or your small local shop?
      If the answer is yes, why are you not happy to allow the Madeirans the same privilege?

  2. Moet het altijd maar MEER en MEER zijn , GROTER en GROTER , vergeet die kleinhandel aub niet voor al die bejaarden die weinig mobiel zijn naar de grote ketens toe… Durf ook eens NEEN te zeggen tegen de grote Concerns, mastodonten en groot geld scheppers.JL007

  3. Its obviously deemed to be wrong position.
    Put jobs to one side for a minute, this will be good for general Madeirians as it will cut their weekly essential spends,


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