Lidl buys Madeira Wine block

Plans to grow cannabis in Santana

Lidl buys Madeira Wine block headline in the Diario

The news that headlines in today’s Diario is that the supermarket chain Lidl, which is preparing to enter the regional market, bought the Madeira Wine block, next to the Cruz Vermelha on the V1 at the top of Funchal. The formalization of the deal of around €5 million took place in August.

Lidl wants to open a supermarket, but for the time being it has a negative opinion from Funchal City Council. The company has appealed hierarchically to the mayor, and the matter will be analyzed and decided today at the weekly meeting of the municipality.

Plans to grow cannabis in Santana

The same newspaper also reports that 6.5 million euros have been ‘reserved’ to grow cannabis in Santana. A pharmaceutical company is already dealing with the formalities to start an activity that expects to create more than a hundred jobs, many of them qualified, in three years.

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8 thoughts on “Lidl buys Madeira Wine block”

  1. OH dear Lidl will create 20/ 30 jobs but a lot of other shops will close or lay off over 100 staff. Nice shop interesting goods the staff paid well, but in the UK they have to work very hard and for very long hours to earn it.

  2. Madeira is my favorite holiday destination, please keep Lidl and any other supermarket off your beautiful island, they will destroy the family shops as they have done all over the UK.
    A big part of the charm of Madeira is the small family businesses.
    Very best wishes,
    See you in December.
    Desmond Wilcox

  3. Can we all stop thinking about ourselves and reflect what this will do for the Madeirans. I’m not a fan of Lidl but do use them. They are cheaper than the other supermarkets. Anyone out there willing to stand up and say we should stop Mr. and Mrs. De Souza from benefitting from their low prices. Perhaps all the visitors and expats could shop at the local family shops with the higher prices and the Madeirans could shop at Lidl and Pingo.

    • I’m with George on this.

      There are already a couple of food+ store chains in Madeira offering roughly the same products as each other. If the same happens as in Finland (where there was roughly the same situation before Lidl arrived) the arrival of Lidl will expand the range of foodstuffs available in Madeira.

      One method the local authority could use to avoid harm to local small shops would be to grant Lidl permission to open shop(s) provided they only sell food products. None of their central isles with a mixture of cheap non-food products.

      Lidl might accept that (and might not, but as they have already bought property, they might have little choice).

      • I think they would hate that or not open. A big chunk of Sales and a bigger chunk of their profits must come from non foods. with non foods its big discounts, the food prices are very similar to the other supermarkets in the UK. Lidl expand the range !!!! the very opposite they base their success on a limited range of foods. Tesco ,Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose have four to ten times the product range of Lidl or Aldi.


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