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With the cruise season about to get in full swing – see previous post – and quite a few new “ debutants “ due to visit, Jaime has sent is a link to some research conducted on cruise tourist spending.

Although based on a study published by the Lisbon Port Authority (APL) Jaime was looking into the figures for both Lisbon and Funchal pre pandemic 2019. Interestingly there is a similarity,( maybe not surprising as many cruise itineraries include both ports), in number of passengers and vessels handled:-

In 2019 Lisbon had 310 vessels calling bringing a total of 571,259 passengers of which 498,429 were in transit ( day trippers) whilst Funchal had 291 calls – 591,823 passengers in total with the majority 585,777 being in transit as Madeira only has a few cruises originating/terminating in Funchal.

Whilst there appear to be no figures for passenger spending for Funchal it’s not unreasonable to assume a similar figure to Lisbon, if not higher, as many take a whale/dolphin watching boat trip or a tour of the Island costing more than the €37 average spend cited below for transit passengers in Lisbon, but even so that level of spending brings over €20 million to the local economy.

Cruise tourists spend €82 each in Lisbon

According to research published Lisbon Port Authority (APL) at the end of August, cruise tourists visiting Lisbon spend an average of €82 per person in the city during their entire stay, especially on room and board.

According to the study it is the passengers who start a cruise in Lisbon that contribute the most to this average, spending an average of €367 per person before meals (in hotels, restaurants or other consumption). On the other hand, passengers whose cruises transit (with a stop at the port of Lisbon) through the Portuguese capital spend less, averaging €37 per person.

In a note, the Port of Lisbon stressed that this data shows a change in the profile of passengers and cruise activity, as this average spending per cruise tourist is “higher than the figures known so far, which also indicates a greater purchasing power of cruise tourists. who visit Lisbon and who generally choose four- and five-star hotels for their stay before and after the cruise.”

“This is evidence that we are seeing a transformation in the profile of operations and cruise tourist passengers in terms of greater skill and value,” APL stressed.

According to the study, 96% of all cruise passengers (those arriving, disembarking or transiting through Lisbon) are satisfied with a stop at the port of Lisbon.

Passengers in turnaround mode (who start or end their cruise in the Portuguese capital) spend an average of 2.1 days in the city before boarding their cruise and 1.5 days after disembarking.

During this period, those who landed at the U-turn prefer to visit tourist attractions, while those who are going to go prefer to frequent restaurants and cafes.

In terms of transit passengers, seven out of ten (69%) visit the city on foot, 48% shop, 47% visit cafes and restaurants, and 28% visit attractions.

For all categories of passengers, the most visited areas in Lisbon are Baixa/Chiado, Alfama/Castelo/Mouraria, Bairro Alto/Cais do Sodré and Belém, but 35% of those who disembarked at the U-turn said they also wanted to to visit Sintra.

Before heading to Lisbon, 89% of cruise tourists prefer to stay in the city in a four- or five-star hotel. On the other hand, 73% of those who disembark do not stay in the city, although those who do also prefer to stay in five (19%) or four-star hotels (6%).

In terms of nationality, North Americans go to restaurants/cafes the most, Italians visit tourist sites the most, and British shoppers shop the most.

The study conducted by Netsonda for the Lisbon Port Authority (APL) and the Lisbon Cruise Port aimed to better understand the profile of passengers passing through the Lisbon Cruise Terminal as well as their motives.

Fieldwork was conducted from April 9 to May 23, 853 interviews were conducted, the sample corresponds to an error of +/- 3.36%.

Of the cruise tourists in the sample (54% women, 46% men, and the majority – 65% – aged 55 years and older), 80% were in Lisbon in transit, and the rest were on a “turnaround” (13% of which were boarding and 7% landing in Lisbon).

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  1. Shock horror – British shoppers shop.

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