Covid cases decline again

1,741 cases and 13 deaths in August

Covid cases decline again

The Diario reports online that in August, Madeira recorded a total of 1,741 confirmed cases and 13 deaths associated with Covid-19, the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection reported this Tuesday.

The daily average of hospitalizations was 32.

The month of August thereby recorded a decrease in the incidence of Covid-19 compared to the previous month. In July, there were 4,940 confirmed positive cases and 35 deaths, with an average of 51 daily hospitalizations.

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Covid cases decline again 1

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    • Steve, are you an expert? No,thought not, leave people to make their own decisions, no one is dragging them screaming and kicking ( well not in civilised countries)
      Like flu jabs, polio and other jabs, ( I have like most of my age, a scar from a multi vaccine jab,given when a child and Im still here typing this 70 years on,assuming I had it around 5)
      With no vaccines available for it at the time, Spanish flu,(which actually came out of America, not Spain) killed 100 million people, from a world population of around 1.7 billion at time!
      You don’t want a vaccine, fine but leave it your choice and allow others the freedom of their choices

      • Very true but by taking the vaccines you are risking your life ! These vaccines have not been tested for ten years like it should and i know is so many people that have died and others who have become completely different they are sick others can’t walk some have rashes that is unbearable to the touch so many so many things have gone wrong and still people choose to take it ? People have been adviced to take the damn thing ! Before anyone puts something into there body they should really do your homework and really see if it’s for them . Me I would never ever take that vaccine !! What people don’t know is that you are being killed quickly or slowly . People need to wake up . Like the Spanish flu which was all a lie did come from America taken too Europe and killed millions . When will you stop believing in governments it’s bad enough we pay there bloody wages but to have us killed too !! Wake up people See what’s happening. You don’t hear nothing on the news only what they want you to hear . And the truth is there liars and you all still continue in believing they are doing good . The Great Reset is happening and it’s already begun 3 years ago . Every politician has blood on there hands the elite will try to kill as many people as they can until you all decide you’ve been deceived. Friends family all gone because of what there doing to us . Why are people such sheep ?? Stop 🛑 taking what they want you to take . You are fine right ? But suddenly you get tested and your positive ? Really ?? Those tests that they begged people to take where shoved down to the back of your throat and down your nose why ? All you need is your spit come people wake up they’ve shoved the virus into you so you become infected take it to others and it spreads than believing your gonna be saved by taking the vaccine ? But funny you still get covid and then you will die young or old depending if you are given the placebo Or not . I’ve not taken anything or tested and nor has my family and we’ve had normal flu or colds we are 100% fine but people that have the vaccine if they catch a cold there gonna die because your body can not handle it . What away to kill people making them believe this bullshit , it angers me how stupid people really are . WAKE UP !!! !!!!


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