“Best Pastel de Nata” in Lisbon

Casa do Padeiro, in Pontinha,

Cafe producing the best Pastel de Nata in Lisbon

The Portugal News reports that Casa do Padeiro, in Pontinha (Odivelas), has picked up the award for “The Best Pastel de Nata” in the Lisbon region.

The small café is located on a one-way street in Pontinha, but since Casa do Padeiro won the “Best pastel de nata” contest in the Lisbon region, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, according to reports by local radio station TSF.

The owners make 400 pasteis de nata each day for clients and are no strangers to the awards scene after taking home the prize for Best Bolo-Rainha in Portugal last year.

Thanks to PeterA for the link. Recipe below!

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    • I tried some from Tesco but they were a poor imitation. There is a Portuguese cafe/bar that I used to pass once per week and pick up a couple but not going in that direction now so am suffering withdrawal symptoms. 😣


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