80% of Madeira rentals exceed €750/month

Only 20% of Funchal rentals less than €1000/month

Rental properties in Funchal

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that only 20% of the houses for rental on the island of Madeira cost less than €750 per month. If rents below €1,000/month are taken into account, this corresponds to 35% of the total available offer, as reported today by a study published by idealista.

However, looking at the national picture and analyzing by district capital, the study finds cities where rents for less than €750 per month prevail. In Castelo Branco and Bragança, the entire available offer costs less than this amount. Next are Guarda, where 75% of rents are less than €750/month, Santarém (64%), Vila Real (63%), Ponta Delgada (60%), Viseu (60%), Coimbra (58 %) and Leiria (54%).

On the other hand, in Lisbon, only 2% of properties on the rental market are below €750/month. This is followed by Funchal (7%), Faro (11%), Porto (12%), Braga (16%), Setúbal (27%), Aveiro (32%) and Viana do Castelo (46%).

80% of Funchal rentals exceed €1000/month

If we analyze properties for rent for less than €1,000/month in these more exclusive markets, where rents are more expensive, we conclude that 8% of the offer in Lisbon costs less than €1,000/month, followed by Funchal (20%), Porto (33%) and Faro (53%).

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80% of Madeira rentals exceed €750/month 1

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  1. Are we saying that a one bedroom apartment in Madeira is likely to cost 750 Euros a month ? If so, what about 2/3 bedroom apartments ? How important is location on the rental figure? Furnished/unfurnished properties? Seems to be a bit sweeping.


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