3% pay increase

Selvagens Islands conference and visit

3% pay increase headline in JM

JM reports that bosses and workers have reached an agreement for a 3% pay increase for this year in the civil construction sector. The decision, which is published today, is retroactive to January.

Selvagens Islands visit

The front page also highlights the Selvagens Islands as a national example. Yesterday’s conference and today’s visit are moments of recognition for environmental protection and maritime defence policies.

The frigate Bartolomeu Dias was pictured in port yesterday on the JM website as it prepared to leave the port of Funchal towards the Selvagens.

On this trip, as part of the conference held yesterday, will be the Minister of Defense and the Admiral Chief of Staff.

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Frigate Bartolomeu Dias yesterday

In total, 35 will be invited to embark on this trip.

The Minister of National Defence, Helena Carreiras, revealed yesterday, that the Portuguese Government wants to replicate the expansion of the Savage Islands reserve, currently classified as the largest protected area in all of Europe and the entire North Atlantic, in other protected areas in the country.

We are aware of the geostrategic potential that the Selvagens nature reserve represents, the importance of the natural resources in its sea, as well as the need to preserve its extremely rich and diversified natural heritage.

Helena Carreiras

The defence minister underlined the investment made by the Government of the Republic to increase the surveillance and monitoring capacity of the Savage Islands in recent years, especially from 2017 onwards, with the creation of new units, which allowed the permanent deployment of operatives from the Maritime Police, the Navy and Nature Watchers.

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Helena Carreirasalso also visited the Radar Station at Pico Areeiro yesterday, commenting that now that she has seen the importance of this very important space for our sovereignty, she is even more aware of the need to anticipate the Azores Radar Station.

Helena Carreiras, who went to Pico do Areeiro, admitted the threats exist. “This has happened. Evidently. Both the Navy and the Air Force have done their job”, stated Helena Carreiras. She pointed to the example of search and rescue missions that, in her view, are carried out in Madeira in an exemplary way. 

On this first visit to Madeira, the Minister of Defence assured reporters that Portugal is capable of complying with all surveillance systems, here and on the continent.

Funchal modernises traffic lights

Another news highlighted in JM concerns mobility, as Funchal modernises traffic lights. The municipality also bets on the installation of traffic flow controllers and increases the electric car charging network.

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