Washington Post promotes Madeira

… “a mere six hours” away

Washington Post promoting Madeira
Washington Post

Thanks to Maurice for a link to the Washington Post a couple of days ago, doing a good job selling Madeira to the American market:

“Madeira is off the coast of Africa, west of Morocco. Getting to Madeira used to be a trek from the United States that required a stop in Lisbon. But in late November, Inovtravel launched direct flights to the island from New York’s JFK airport in partnership with SATA Azores Airlines, reducing travel time to a mere 6¼ hours.”

“With travel time to Madeira dramatically shortened, it has become a better vacation option. But make sure to stray from the bustle of Funchal to uncover its deeper enchantment”

Washington Post

“In fits of hysterical laughter, punctured by shrieks of fear and delight, my daughter and I slid down the steep, narrow streets of Monte in a straw basket pushed by two men wearing traditional straw hats. The wicker toboggan twisted and turned as we gained speed, with the “runners” purposely navigating within inches of walls or turning the basket so we slid sideways. The louder we laughed and screamed, the faster they accelerated”…….. read on

Full feature here.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

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37 thoughts on “Washington Post promotes Madeira”

      • The SATA flight from Toronto through the Azores is 30% more expensive than the TAP flight to Madeira through Lisbon. The second leg of the SATA flight is on a noisy cramped prop plane.

        The service on TAP is far superior than SATA.
        I have flown on both and TAP wins in all categories.
        TAP and SATA are the only two choices coming from Canada to Madeira.

        I am hoping that TAP will start flying to directly to Madeira from Toronto.

  1. We are Timeshare owners in Madeira, we also support the boys and Girls homes, on the Island.
    A number of American friends and some fellow Masons, have taken up residence on this amazing Island, in the Portuguese Colony known as the Madeira Islands .
    Be pleased to advise all and any that may wish to consider resettling!

    John Chapman

  2. The slippery slope to an Algarve like Island begins. Hotels all over the place and house prices that virtually exclude local residents from being able to afford them. Seen it happen all to often sadly. The tourism that supports life begins to overtake and then destroy the very fabric that made it appealing in the first place. Such a shame.

  3. … Maurice? I’m sure nobody reading this needs to be informed about what’s on the “Other” blog (don’t be Scared to say it ” Madeira Island News ” ) unless you’re trying to feed into and stir up some Petty Rivalry/Jealousy that seems to be a recurring childish theme that raises its head from time to time primarily on “this” site ,, I think though the majority of people interested in Madeira related news and info read both without a care for the who came first etc etc politics !!! …

  4. That is very rare in my experience Russell – and the other blog rarely deviates from autotranslates from the Diario and Jornal – so the information is widely and freely available. At least this one gets stories from different sources and presents them in comprehensible English. A lot of informative and articulate contributors as well.

  5. Since this thread developed I have been watching the “copyblog”. Yesterday (9th August) they published “AIRPORTS STRIKE ON WAY – AFFECTING 10 AIRPORTS IN PORTUGAL, MADEIRA AND AZORES”. Five days prior to that (4th August”) this blog posted “Airport strike threatened … could affect 10 Portuguese airports including Madeira”

    • … More Childish Jealousy that this site has competition?? ,, but personally I find that the Dreaded “Other” site generally has a more varied and quicker release of Information, wherever it comes from (which doesn’t bother me) I’m grateful, saves me having to navigate and search on local (Portuguese) news sites ,, I’m also grateful for this site has some different articles and opinions ,, Long may you both Reign !! ,, like Coca Cola/Pepsi or BBC and Sky news two similar things can quite easily live alongside each other …

  6. Enough with the insults. Owner of blog needs to exercise appropriate editorial censorship.
    Nothing wrong with reposting news articles if blog owner has permission and cites source. I appreciate getting local news that I could not otherwise read although translations often leave much to be desired.


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