Vereda do Espigão cleaned

Ribeira Brava cleans emblematic path

Vereda do Espigão

JM reports that Ribeira Brava Parish Council has cleaned one of the most emblematic paths in the parish – the Vereda do Espigão.

This is the Vereda do Espigão that connects Sítio do Espigão to Sitio da Meia-Légua, a route of moderate difficulty, with more than 1,600 steps and around 2,000 thousand metres, which can be done in about 90 minutes.

The cleaning was undertaken because Vereda do Espigão is one of the most sought-after paths by tourists and also one of the main requests of the local population.

More than 10 paths and paths were also cleaned for a total of more than 5klm in Sitio do Espigão and Meia Légua.

“With these interventions, dignity was responded to and various mobility options in the parish were returned to the resident population and tourists”.

At this moment, the Parish Council team is cleaning the Vara path that connects Sítio da Meia Légua to Sítio da Furna.

For Marco Martins, president of the Parish Council of Ribeira Brava, this is a demonstration of closeness and attention to the local population, taking the opportunity to thank all the commitment and dedication of the staff related to the City Hall.

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