SANAS assist four individuals

… “exhausted and sunburnt”


JM reports that during the late afternoon yesterday, the vessel assigned to the Lifeguard Station of Porto Moniz was activated to assist the Volunteer Firefighters of Calheta in the evacuation of three citizens.

On its Facebook page, the sea rescue service SANAS said that the people concerned felt “exhausted and affected by heat stroke while walking along a path”, and ended up being rescued by the SANAS team that later decided to “carry out the evacuation by sea”.

Therefore, the citizens were “transferred to the Paul do Mar pier and followed in a corporation ambulance”.

The operation was coordinated by the Serviço Regional de Protecção Civil.

The Facebook page of SANAS later reported that it was actually four persons who required assistance: “at the end of the afternoon, the vessel affected by the Porto Moniz Life Saving Station was activated to assist the Bombeiros Voluntários da Calheta in the evacuation of 4 citizens. Exhausted and sunburnt as they walked a sidewalk, they were rescued by the rescue team who later decided to evacuate by sea. They were transferred to the Paúl do Mar quay and followed in a corporation ambulance.

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SANAS assist four individuals 1

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