Restaurants and hotels lead as prices climb

Eating out and accommodation up 21%

Diario headline: Restaurants and hotels lead as prices climb

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up a report that makes the headline of this Thursday’s Diario. This refers to prices climbing, an escalation that also affects Madeirans, with restaurants and hotels leading the way. 

Eating out or paying for a stay in tourist accommodation increased by 21% as prices climbed in the last year in Madeira. But the rises do not stop there, as transport rose 16% and food products by 11%. The inflation rate in July is the highest since the 2013 crisis.

Doca do Cavacas – explanation demanded

JM reports that the parliamentary group of PAN Madeira, alerted by bathers, went to Doca do Cavacas and found that once again that the bathing area is prohibited for bathing.

The environmental party questioned the municipal executive of Funchal about the reasons for these recurring sources of pollution in the coastal area of ​​the municipality. They also questioned the reasons that led the Municipality to stop displaying the ECO green flag.

PAN Madeira recalls that “municipalities have powers in terms of inspection and in this sense it would be absolutely important that they exercise them effectively”. The party emphasises that it understands that having Funchal always at the forefront would mean having clean waters and a green and unpolluted city.

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  1. This is not limited to Madeira as prices are increasing everywhere due to inflation caused by rising fuel costs and the hospitality sector has been hit by staff shortages leading to having to pay increased wages. The danger is that tourists have a choice and if Madeira is seen to be too expensive they will go elsewhere.


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