Rally death: official investigation

Câmara de Lobos expresses regrets

Rally death: official investigation & Câmara de Lobos City Council express regrets

The girl’s death during the Madeira Wine Rally will be the subject of an official investigation by the Public Ministry, according to several national media outlets.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will open an investigation into the case of the death of an 8-year-old child during the last qualifying stage of the Madeira Wine Rally yesterday.

The child was with her family when she was picked up by one of the competition cars.

Câmara de Lobos expresses regrets

Before the announcement of an official investigation, the Câmara de Lobos City Council (CMCL), in the person of its president, Pedro Coelho, regrets the death of the 8-year-old child who lived in the municipality, who yesterday ended up being caught by a rally car in the last RVM stage, in Encumeada.

“Yesterday a tragic accident took the life of a child in our municipality. Someone who from an early age contributed with her candour, with her smile, to brighten our festive parades, as a member of the group “Sempre Jovem da CMCL”. The death of a loved one is always dramatic, but the loss of such a young life is atrociously cruel, because it robs us of the dreams of someone who could change the world. municipal executive and from all Câmara-Lobenses, my deep and heartfelt condolences”, wrote Pedro Coelho in a note issued this morning on the City Hall’s Facebook, accompanied by the image above.

The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado adds to the condolences

Earlier, the Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, added to the condolences, say “1t is with great consternation” that he regrets the death of a child, victim of the car accident, which occurred this Saturday, during the last qualifying of the Rally Vinho Madeira 2022.

“In this difficult and painful time for the entire Madeiran community, particularly for the organizing committee and participants of the Rally”, the mayor of Funchal expresses “deep regret” and offers his deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young spectator.

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