Rally accident victim dies

12-year-old girl “could not resist injuries”

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Following up on the last post, the Diario reports that the Madeira Wine Rally organisation has just issued a statement confirming the death of the young girl involved in the Rally accident, which took place this afternoon, in the Encumeada area.

The Committee also has extended condolences to the families and friends of the 12-year-old girl who died in the tragic accident.

“The Madeira Wine Rally Organising Committee regret to confirm that the young woman involved in the incident that occurred during PEC 17 Rosårio 2, ended up not being able to resist the injuries she suffered. At this painful moment we address our feelings to family and friends.

Madeira Wine Rally Organising Committee

Update: the JM website is reporting the young girl as aged just eight in its latest postings. Later postings on other media outlets concur.

The Diario later reports that the hospital administration authority SESARAM has now issued a statement on behalf of the Health Service of the Region

“It is with immense consternation and sadness that regrets the death of the child victim of the tragic accident that occurred this afternoon in the Encumeada area In this moment of pain, we offer our solidarity and feelings to her family and friends”


Various other condolences have continued to be posted this evening:

Ireneu Barreto, José Manuel Rodrigues and NI Amorim (FPAK), were some of the individuals and entities that have already expressed their condolences to the family.

“The Representative of the Republic expresses his enormous consternation and regret at the death of a young spectator, following an unfortunate accident that occurred today in the last stage of the Madeira Wine Rally”, as can be read in a document sent from the Palace of St. Lawrence.

“To the girl’s family, her friends and the organization of the Madeira Wine Rally, the Representative of the Republic offers his deepest condolences”, writes Ireneu Barreto.

José Manuel Rodrigues also issued a note to the same effect. “The President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira expresses his deep regret at the death of a child at the end of the Madeira Wine Rally”. The note adds that “this is a misfortune that overshadows our Tour of Madeira”, offering heartfelt condolences “to the family, to Club Sports Madeira”

The Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation also conveyed its heartfelt regret. “It is with great sadness and regret that we learned that the young woman who was run over in the last stage of the Madeira Wine Rally did not survive her injuries”, as stated in the message transcribed on their website, addressing “to her family, friends and to all Madeirans our heartfelt feelings.” condolences”.

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  1. Is this rally well enough organized? Surely some serious questions have to be asked – look at the comment on the previous post about the behavior of one driver just to get to the start line!


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