No more masks on buses

One of the last Covid restrictions lifted

Buses, where the requirement to wear masks has been removed

JM reports that masks will no longer be mandatory as of today, August 1, on Madeira buses, Horários do Funchal (HF) noted today in a statement sent to newsrooms.

“The mandatory use of masks on board the buses of collective passenger transport companies, which include Horas do Funchal and Companhia de Carros de São Gonçalo, ends at 24:00 yesterday, announced the Regional Government after the Council. of Government”, said HF.

Grupo Horários do Funchal also recalled that it continues to work closely with the Regional Government and the Regional Health Authorities, and will comply with this change, alerting its users that, although the collective passenger transport service will remain fully standardized, recommends that, whenever possible, users maintain normal hygiene care, namely frequent hand washing or disinfection and respiratory etiquette. I guess quite a few regular passengers will continue to wear masks.

“The HF Group informs that we will keep the alcohol gel dispensers, available free of charge at the entrance of buses, as well as, we will continue to ensure daily cleaning and hygiene in our vehicles, contributing to safe and comfortable trips”, he concluded.

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  1. Covid has rocketed here in UK since rules were relaxed. People who have avoided it for over 2 years, now going down like flies. Covid is here to stay, I will certainly be wearing my mask wherever I am likely to be in close contact with others and follow 2m distancing where possible!


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