Madeira Sea Solar Race

… comes to a successful end

Madeira Sea Solar Race participants

The Diario reports that as Tuesday came to an end, in Porto Santo, another edition of the Madeira Sea Solar Race event.

As previously reported, during the last two days the two boats, powered by solar energy and entirely designed and built by young people from the University of Amsterdam and the Associação Juvenil Técnico Solar Boat in Lisbon, were tested to the limit, in different events and formats.

After an intensive week of trials and tests on the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, of Portuguese and Dutch vessels, the Regional Director of Youth, was present at the closing of the solar race, praising the initiative that turned out to be a success. “It was a positive balance. Despite the event having been changed about two months ago, due to the issue of the war in Ukraine, it was possible for the participants to adapt to the new reality. Therefore, the objectives were largely met”, said Joäo Rodrigues.

“We managed to bring here the minimum number of boats to have a competition. But more important than the competition itself was to test the boats and their most diverse valences in terms of engineering.”

Regarding the future of the event, “the regional government will now assess the impact that this solar race project has. We are very interested in the even coming back next year, but everything will depend on the partners that support the initiative”, added the Regional Director of Youth.

The solar race had Grupo Sousa as a logistics partner, as well as the support of several public and private entities, namely the Madeira Electricity Company, the Madeira Beer Company, the Madeira Regional Energy and Environment Agency, the Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation, the Association of Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the Regional Sailing Association of Madeira and the Clube Naval do Porto Santo.

Madeira Sea Solar Race 1

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