Madeira integrates tsunami warning system

Market stalls return to Monte

Diario headline: Madeira integrates tsunami warning system

The headline of this Tuesday’s Diario reveals that Madeira integrates a tsunami warning system. Stations, with high-precision tide gauges and GPS, installed in Porto Moniz and Porto Santo, allow the Region to monitor in real-time the change in seawater level and share data with the Global Tsunami Warning System, coordinated by UNESCO.

The photographic highlight goes to the village of Monte and the auctions, which ‘scorch’ market stalls. ‘Race’ to the tents marks the return of the event. Many merchants have disbursed four times the base bid.

During novenas, tourists are the ones who guarantee greater movement between Babosas and Largo da Fonte. The newspaper observes that “the party promises to fulfil tradition on a more subdued level than previously”.

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