Lugar de Baixo Marina denounced

… as one of “the regime’s scandals”

Lugar de Baixo Marina

Yesterday the CDU held a political initiative at the eyesore that is the Lugar de Baixo Marina, in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, where it denounced the “debauchery of the regime in the Autonomous Region of Madeira”. The CDU is a coalition of the Portuguese Communist Party and the Green Party.

Quoted in the Diario, the party’s regional coordinator, Edgar Silva, explained that “the regime’s scandals are the undertakings corresponding to the many squanders of public money”, accusing that there is “an immense list of cases in Madeira that form a regional roadmap for the waste of large amounts of money”.

According to Edgar Silva, “the regime’s scandals are the sum of countless investments ‘.vith millions of euros that did not result in an operational structure. They served to throw money away. But, in addition to useless works for the public interest, although they win some stakeholders”.

“The regime continues to give birth to scandals at the hands of the current PSD/CDS government. If there is this shame of the Lugar de Baixo Marina, the so-called ‘Requalification of the Säo Vicente Sea Front’ appears now as another scam, another project to wreck the bay of Säo Vicente, to squander millions of public money, another work that it will be an imbroglio of any size for the public”

— Edgar Silva
Lugar de Baixo Marina denounced 1
Lugar de Baixo Marina as planned

Edgar Silva also denounced that at the site of the initiative, in the Marina do Lugar de Baixo, “it is clearly visible how over the last 20 years millions of euros have been poured into the sea, and as if that not enough, this entire landscape has been disfigured”.

The Lugar de Baixo Marina, costing more than €30 million, was one of the works inaugurated by the then President of the Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, in the 2004 regional legislative campaign. It has never been used. After successive repairs, due to the damage caused by various storms, the cost will have risen, according to some reports, to as much as €100 million.

The project conceived for 297 vessels, between eight and 25 metres, even included a public tender for the sub-concession of adjacent land for the construction of a real estate complex by Grupo Pestana and provided for a sub-concession of the management of the maritime domain of the Lugar de Baixo Marina for a period of 75 years.

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  1. They are doing it again, how much did it cost to install the low level walkway around the foundations of fort discovered when works to prevent another flood were carried out, not one single person walked on it, why? You got a better view looking down off pavement area, answer, spend another bigger fortune putting a cover over it? Who comes up with this madness, people who throw money around like confetti at a wedding. Or as we say,like men ( can’t anymore) so “people” with no arms.

  2. Sorry for late reply and thank you Maurice.
    Yes, further work is a very very expensive cover, so building a building over it now. Why, its been under the ground for hundreds of years, its stone, so why cover it? They put the walkway around it, under the pavement projection, i have never seen one single person use it, to make it worse, they fenced off the open area, ( facing what was a square and put a locked gate on it. The only use I’ve seen of the area is rough sleepers using it. Not very joined up thinking or complete disregard of tax payers money.

  3. Don’t forget the instalation cost for cycle lane,then cost after a few weeks to rip it all out, the lunatics are running the asylums, and not just here. In Uk they have spent billions on smart motorways and only last night Liz Truss, stated ” THE EXPERIMENT ” didn’t work! They say these things as if they played no part in the process, billions again down the proverbial pan


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