Greens file Nuns Valley cable car objection

Environmental impact assessment challenged

Nuns valley

The Diario reports that the Green party, Ecologist Party Os Verdes (PEV), have filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office about the Nuns Valley cable car project, specifically regarding the environmental impact assessment process of the cable car system and Parque Aventura in Curral das Freiras.

The PEV considers that there are “several violations of the environmental assessment law namely within the framework of the public consultation of the Environmental Impact Study, which deprive the Environmental Assessment of its purpose”.

In a statement, the party states that this is an “all the more serious” situation, as in this project the geological impacts “have not been properly studied”, as well as other “fundamental” factors for “environmental, economic, safety and security of the populations of the Nuns Valley and the tourists who will use the cable car, such as the weather conditions”.

“The complaint was filed last week, Monday, July 25, at the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Administrative and Tax Court of Funchal”, explained the PEV.

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Greens file Nuns Valley cable car objection 1

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6 thoughts on “Greens file Nuns Valley cable car objection”

  1. Putting a cable car in Nuns Valley would make it a real destination for tourists but the Madeiran decision makers need to decide whether this offers a proper balance between tourism and the environment. I know several people who regret the amount of new building along with the increased visitor numbers in Madeira.They are not of the NIMBY type just worried about excessive growth.

  2. For a change I agree with the “Greens” but please give us some facts. Where does the Cable Car start? Funchal, halfway up the mountain or across the valley. After experiencing Madeira in the late 60s, which was dire for the locals, I have always pushed for more tourist development both in Hotels and attractions but this is one step too far. The Madeira decision makers must weigh jobs and tax revenue against environmental impact. The capital cost of the project will ensure that the developers will keep running costs to a minimum, what jobs are created will be mainly service orientated. Low wage. Design and main contracting will be sourced away from the island. As a business I can see its attraction, as an attraction, I’ll stick with clear blue skies. You don’t need a cable car to see the views.

  3. As a compromise I would suggest improving the viewing points. The current ones limit access to the views, particularly for those who are less able. Some high quality and multilingual interpretation would also be a welcome addition.


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