“Fish Fry 9“ restocks aquaculture cages

Juvenile fish shipped from Spain and France

Fish Fry 9 off Calheta

Thanks to Jaime, who noticed the live juvenile fish carrier  “Fish Fry 9“ was back in Funchal recently after visiting the controversial aquaculture pens in the Ponta do Sol / Arco Calheta area – last time she brought a shipment from Southern France, this time she arrived from Motril in Spain. He observes that presumably, the “fry” are sea bream (dourada) and or sea bass (robalo). The ship has now departed, heading back to the port of Sete in southeastern France.

I initially thought somebody was taking the proverbial referring to a vessel called “fish fry”, with visions of it docking in Funchal and dispensing expensive fish and chips to homesick British tourists on a Friday night. However, Jaime patiently explained that “ it does what it says on the tin “ as a “fry” is actually the name for a juvenile fish!!

“Fish Fry” live fish carrier vessels

The company “Fish Fry” actually specialise in picking up live fish from hatcheries and delivering them to offshore cages with their live aquaculture shipping vessels. They take live fish from the sea cages and transfer them to the offshore cages in the desired region with their live fish transport ships. To quote their website:

Largest in the Region

Designed for the transportation of live fish to the countries of the Mediterranean region, our ship with a water capacity of 960 tons is the ship with the highest capacity and the highest technological systems in the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Safe Transfer

With our technological infrastructure, we regularly measure the oxygen ratio of the water and ensure that the fish are transferred in a healthy way.

Rapid Transfer

We provide rapid transfer with our high-capacity ships, technological infrastructure and knowledge.

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