Danger ignored at Calhau da Lapa

Locals and tourists ignore dangers

The Diario’s front page Madeirans and tourists ignore the danger to visit Calhau da Lapa, the attractive pebble beach in the municipality of Ribeira Brava.

The excavations and amplifications of the caves have caused instability in the escarpment. Access via the path remains closed in order that work could be undertaken to secure the rock faces, but there are those who disrespect the rules. 

Ribeira Brava Municipality has said that they intend to monitor visitors who ignore the danger.

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437 teachers seconded to the Region next year

Today’s newspaper also headlines that 437 teachers will be seconded to the Region in the next academic year. 

The secondments are joined by 148 teachers requested by various entities, in a total of 585 mobility. The highest number in the last three years. Public administration and the sports area absorb 217 teachers. 

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3 thoughts on “Danger ignored at Calhau da Lapa”

  1. I think that on this occasion extolling it’s beauty etc should be secondary to the point that is currently unstable and therefore unsafe. The road is closed to prevent access to what is currently a dangerous area.
    Obey the signs, why should the emergency services have to risk all to pick up the pieces.


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