AL crackdown on mainland

Tourism rentals targeted

AL sign

The Portugal News reports on a “Safe Tourism” operation that covered mainland Portugal from north to south with the aim of verifying compliance with the Local Accommodation … Read more

15 trails lost in 22 years

New farming model promoted

Diario headline about the loss of walking trails

The Diario today headlines that Madeira has lost 15 walking trails in 22 years. Despite the increase in demand from tourists and residents, there are currently … Read more

Solar boats tested in Porto Santo

… with video

The 'Technical Solar Boat' project team leaving for Porto Santo

The ‘Technical Solar Boat’ project team, now based in Porto Santo, started testing today.

The team, which was in Madeira, arrived yesterday morning in Porto Santo (photo). … Read more

Ponta do Sol price hike!

Summer Astronomy programme continues

Ponta do Sol price hike! headline in JM

The JM front page photographic highlight goes to the Bar at Praia da Ponta do Sol which is valued at six times more than it was. … Read more

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