Water shortage

Gas explosion controversy

Water shortage headline in the Diario

The Diårio de Noticias da Madeira this Tuesday, July 19th. headlines a local water shortage in the context of global climate change. It rains less and less in the mountains of Madeira. At the Bica da Cana meteorological station, rainfall has been below normal for 15 of the last 22 years.

The main graphic highlight of the front page goes to the building in Agua de Pena where the explosion that killed two people took place. The newspaper reports that the property has been shrouded in controversy since construction. The tenants of the apartment opted for bottled gas instead of piped gas, a situation that
was not authorized by the housing authorities. The buildings have had structural problems for 13 years.

Two people died and four were injured yesterday morning following an explosion that occurred in the Machico Park building, in Água de Pena. One of the injured who were taken to Dr. Nélio Mendonça is in serious condition, according to the municipality of Machico, which has been monitoring the event since 4:00 am on Monday. Two of the four have been discharged. Police are investigating and ten local residents relocated.

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