Rees-Mogg: holiday to Portugal to avoid Dover queues

Brexit minister praises Portugal

Dover queues

Thanks to Maurice for a link to the Evening Standard, featuring a report that Jacob Rees-Mogg has said Britons should travel to Portugal instead of France in order to avoid the lengthy queues at Dover.

Speaking ahead of another weekend of travel disruption, the minister for Brexit opportunities said the UK’s exit from the EU had nothing to do with the long queues at the Kent port. Instead, Rees-Mogg claimed the French government has not adequately manned the passport booths in order to reduce the disruption. “If the French decide not to provide the immigration officers that are needed, then there will be queues. But this was a decision of the French.”

The minister also praised Portugal for allowing British tourists to use e-gates to enter the country, adding: “I mean, it’s worth noting that the Portuguese have allowed the British to use e-gates to get into Portugal2.

“So it may be that people will find it’s easier to go on holiday in Portugal.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg

This comes as the AA has issued an amber traffic warning for heavy congestion and queues due to a combination of the school summer holidays in England and Wales, a rail strike, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and the start of the football season.

The Dover port expects to welcome around 140,000 passengers, 45,000 cars and 18,000 freight vehicles between Thursday and Sunday. The BBC reports that holidaymakers are facing two-hour queues at the Port of Dover as traffic builds up amid warnings that this weekend will be “extremely busy”.

Port of Dover chief executive Doug Bannister said on Thursday that French border controls will be “fully resourced”, which will make a “fundamental difference”. Although there were some staff shortages previously, he claimed that Brexit is a major factor in the delays due to the need for passports to be checked and stamped.

French MP Pierre-Henri Dumont also added: “Two years ago the Tory British government decided not to give money to the Port of Dover to increase the number of kiosks there for French police.

“Because of Brexit we need to have more checks on passports, so this is what your future will look like for years to come if you take no action.”

French MP Pierre-Henri Dumont

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Rees-Mogg: holiday to Portugal to avoid Dover queues 1

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  1. What with Spain mucking holidaymakers about it could all be to Portugal’s benefit. As long as the worst of the riff-raff don’t get Brits a bad name like they have in parts of Spain & Majorca.

  2. Brexit is the worst decision in history, unbelievable ignorance, pound crashed, 90 days max in Europe, anyone who voted for this is an uneducated moron.


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