Recycled beach bags

… part of Madeira’s circular economy

recycled beach bags
Susana Prada with the Recycled beach bags at Campo da Barca Building

JM reports that there were 350 recycled beach bags created through reused fabrics under the principle of the circular economy that were offered this Thursday afternoon, seeking to raise awareness of the problem of plastic consumption.

In the praiseworthy action, which took place at the Campo da Barca Building, within the scope of the International Plastic-Free Day, marked on July 3, Susana Prada, regional secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, highlighted the importance of these initiatives that seek to put an end to “ tragedy of the plastic sea”.

“The objective of this action is to make people aware of the use of reusable bags. And, in this sense, we made reusable cloth bags, made from reused fabrics”, explained the minister.

The material for the creation of these recycled beach bags, as she explained, comes from “a hotel group that remodelled the hotel and was going to dispense with the fabrics for the bedspreads and curtains. And we, in a circular economy framework, have transformed fabric into a resource”, she added.

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  1. Some years ago they had numerous panels of artwork displayed in one of the streets in Camara de Lobos, each one made from waste materials. There were just amazing.

  2. i have always taken my own beach bag and never needed to take a plastic bag i have 2 cooler bags 1 large and 1 small … food goes in there then the rubbish if any left over .. i have been doing this for the last 50 years … how hard is that .. why do people have to buy plastic bags anyway …


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