Praia Formosa car park to reopen

… after 6 years

Praia Formosa car park

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up reports that the Praia Formosa car park is to reopen after 6 years.

Yesterday, illustrated with an aerial photo of the area, the Diario reported that the origin of the reopening is an agreement between the City Council of Funchal, and the owners of the land next to the bathing area and cafes, once again allowing parking by the sea.

The Câmara Municipal do Funchal (CMF) agreement was with the favourable votes of the ‘Funchal Semper à Frente’ coalition (PSD/CDS) and the abstention of the ‘Confiança’ coalition.

After the weekly meeting that took place this Thursday morning, the president of the CMF, Pedro Calado, announced that the municipality managed a “dialogue” with the owners of the private land to reach an agreement, which did not happen in the past with the former executive of the CMF. ‘Confidence’ coalition that “failed to start negotiations to allow its use”.

The car parking will be overseen by FrenteMar Funchal, and will cost 0.80 cents an hour and approximately 5.50 euros for a full day.  A one-hour exemption is applicable to all those who buy food or drink at one of the cafes on the seafront.

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