Praia dos Reis Magos closed, Doca do Cavacas reopens

Praia Formosa car park reopens today

Praia dos Reis Magos
Praia dos Reis Magos

Yesterday morning, bathers were surprised by the hoisting of the red flag at Praia dos Reis Magos, which is currently closed to bathing.

The situation has already been confirmed by the Santa Cruz City Council, through a public notice, signed by Élia Acensão, vice-president of the Municipality. In the note, the city council said that bathing on that beach is temporarily prohibited, as declared by IA Saúde, and that a new assessment of the waters will be carried out on Sunday, July 31, as a result of the analysis carried out today.

Santa Cruz council criticised

After the ban on bathing in Praia dos Reis Magos was known due to the poor quality of bathing water, and after becoming aware of the situation through the news published online by JM, the social-democratic councillor, Brício Araújo contacted the JM newsroom to express his concern with what he says is the “great inability of the executive led by Filipe Sousa, to solve a problem that has been dragging on for many years” and that affects a beach “very popular not only by residents but also by tourists, especially at this time that is the peak of summer”.

Praia dos Reis Magos
Praia dos Reis Magos

In his view, “what is happening (yesterday) is very serious because we are talking about a public health issue”. Therefore, he argues that this “is an issue that should concern all public entities with responsibilities in the environment” and that for this very reason “justifies the intervention not only of European bodies but also of the Public Prosecutor’s Office”.

“Since environmental matters are at stake, certainly the European Commission, which has shown great sensitivity to this type of issue, must intervene in the face of the Municipality’s insensitivity to this situation. of wastewater to ensure the quality of bathing waters at Praia dos Reis Magos Beach. And because it is an issue that threatens public health, and considering that there are already several complaints from citizens with the Public Ministry, I also understand that the seriousness of the situation requires the intervention of the MP so that, once and for all, it seeks to determine whether or not there are responsibilities of the current municipal executive and existing to what extent these responsibilities may have a criminal nature”, he explained.

Council responds

The Santa Cruz City Council (JPP) today accused councillor Brício Araújo (PSD) of “shameful use” for criticizing the temporary ban on Praia dos Reis Magos.

Praia dos Reis Magos closed, Doca do Cavacas reopens 1

“The use is all the more shameful when this week the Doca do Cavacas, under the management of the Funchal Chamber, led by the PSD, was banned for the same reasons. Will Dr. Bricio also call his party colleagues criminals?”, considers, in a statement, the municipality led by Filipe Sousa.

The City Council adds that “the origin of the source of pollution was not the Reis Magos Pumping Station, nor any other infrastructure” under the responsibility of the municipality.

“And Dr. Brício can rest assured because if there was a criminal origin, it was not from the municipality, the idea is so far-fetched that it is ridiculous. But if it was criminal, the studies and investigations and courses will detect those responsible. Because all this is really very strange”, concludes the statement.

Praia da Doca do Cavacas has already reopened for bathing.

Funchal City Council informs that Praia da Doca do Cavacas has reopened for bathing. The result of the counter-analysis carried out on the waters, following the fortnightly analyzes carried out on the 25th of June, indicates that they are clean and suitable for bathing, so the green flag was raised, and the beach is operating normally.

Praia Formosa car park reopens today

Praia dos Reis Magos closed, Doca do Cavacas reopens 3
Praia Formosa – site of old car park

“The agreement between the concessionaires of the bars and the owners of the land where the car park is located was reached through the mediation of the Funchal City Council (Câmara Municipal do Funchal). Praia Formosa is fluid, the CMF will have a PSP agent, every day, morning and afternoon, controlling car traffic. The CMF asks people to cooperate and not to try to wait at the entrance of the car park’s place, since this prevents other cars from circulating, which causes problems, including in terms of the passage of rescue vehicles”, informs the Municipality on its Facebook page.

After being closed for several years, the Praia Formosa car park, located right next to the bars and promenade area, reopens tomorrow.

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