New cable link blocked in the Republic

Thousands party!

The headline of today’s edition of JM reports that the process of replacing the submarine cable link that enables national communications remains “long overdue”, assures JM a source from EMACOM, a public company owned by EEM (Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira). 

The useful life of the current submarine cable link system ends in 2023 and Madeira risks running out of alternatives, increasing the possibility of communication failures. Even so, Anacom discounts the scenario of ‘a blackout’ in telecommunications.

Thousands party!

The photograph highlighted in this edition is of one of the parties currently being staged on the island which have attracted thousands. 

The Semana do Mar, in Porto Moniz (video below), and the Gastronomy Festival in Machico have attracted the attention of thousands of people since Friday.

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