Mystery of Funchal’s dead pigeons

… numerous discovered across the city

Funchal Jardim Municipal, where dead pigeons have been discovered
Funchal Jardim Municipal

The mystery of Funchal’s dead pigeons has actually made it from the fine print locally to the national press. The Portugal News reports that Câmara Municipal do Funchal, the City Council, is “investigating the circumstances” that led to the appearance of numerous dead pigeons in various areas of the city.

Câmara Municipal do Funchal confirms that it was confronted this morning (27 July) with the news of pigeons found lifeless in some areas of the city”. In the press release it is mentioned that the dead birds appeared near the Cathedral and the Municipal Garden of Funchal, in the centre of the city.

The municipality has announced that it “regrets the situation” and adds that its municipal services division have collected the birds, which have since been sent to the Regional Veterinary Directorate, to “investigate the circumstances” of the deaths.

Contraceptive corn

The city council, however, adds that “there are already some interventions in place to control the population of pigeons in the city”. Within the scope of these actions, the municipality monitors this species and the known nesting areas, recording new places that the pigeons are choosing to nest. It also carries out the maintenance and population control of the species in the municipality, by using contraceptive corn.

Do not feed the birds

The municipality highlights that it has also invested in improving environmental awareness, with actions related to the importance of controlling the population of the species, calling for people not to feed the birds because pigeons are able to look for food themselves.

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  1. I didn’t realise that Funchal controlled the pigeon population, but when you think about it their numbers do fluctuate, which would make sense. They can certainly be a nuisance around some cafes when food is left out on tables and not cleared up.

    • Compared to the people who have not died due to them receiving the Covid vaccine how many do you estimate have died because they received it.


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