Madeira Island news app launched

Rolling news app now available

Madeira Island news app
Madeira Island News app

A fresh Madeira Island news app is now available from the Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google Translate. This allows easy loading on handheld and portable devices, adding the icon opposite to the home screen for easy access.

Since the Madeira News website launched it has been collating around 250 news stories pertaining to Madeira every four days, automatically fully translated into a choice of twelve of the most popular European languages. Many others can be added by the user.

Throughout 2022 the number of visitors to the news website has been growing steadily and it now ranks among the most popular English-speaking websites focused exclusively on Madeira. The new app is not to be confused with the app that is available from this blog – link in the sidebar to this page.

Additional sources are continually being added (and some removed) after results are screened for relevance to the archipelago.

Instructions for adding the app to your device are available on the link above or here.

Madeira Island news app

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Madeira Island news app launched 1

Solidarity with Ukraine

A “Stand With Ukraine” page is being automatically shown to all traffic coming to this website originating in Russia

9 thoughts on “Madeira Island news app launched”

    • I think it is set that way as there is a huge turnover of stories. Any article with comments made will drop down the list. It is aimed a plucking out headlines that are of interest.

  1. Very clever website – the feed and translation works well – the translation is better than a lot of other sites – don’t know why that should be?

  2. The apps work well for both this site and the news site – so much less hassle than having to search or go through bookmarks. The downside is that my ipad has so many apps now I am running out of space.


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