Free Zone dispute hits EU courts

JM headline referring to the Free Zone court case

JM headlines the dispute involving 311 companies in the Free Zone of Madeira, the European Commission and the Portuguese State is gaining momentum. JM knows that the first appeals are already entering the European courts and demand the annulment of the decision that obliges the companies located in the Free Zone to return aid that is now considered illegal. This is this Monday’s headline from JM.

The lead photo highlights the PSD get-together at the Festa do Chão da Lagoa, to which JM dedicates three pages (the Diario has also been providing lots of coverage of the island’s ruling socialist party’s annual “conference” over the last few days. 

“The race for the absolute majority has begun”, is the title on the cover. Party leader and Regional President Miguel Albuquerque guarantees that “nothing is impossible in the PSD” and invited all militants to fight for victory in the 2023 regional elections. “In this party, none is better than the other”, he warned. The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, who was Albuquerque’s number 2, threw his own party, didn’t go on stage and left after the speeches, highlighting divisions that seem to be appearing in their partnership. Lack of protection from the sun reportedly generated discomfort among attendees.

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Free Zone dispute hits EU courts 1

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