Four F-16s in fly-past

Tribute to Madeiran pilot – video

Four F-16s in fly-past 1

Four F16s from the Portuguese Air Force have literally just made a fly-past over Funchal in honour of the Madeiran pilot, Nuno Freitas, who was understood to be in one of the planes on his final flight.

The moment took place between 12:25 and 12:45 in the city of Funchal. Certainly made an audible impression!

The F16s went to other areas, and it was possible to see them in Porto Moniz. They were pictured by the Diario in Porto Santo yesterday (opposite and below).

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  1. There were a lot of mutters in the area to the west of Helsinki when a neighbour who was a Finnish Air Force (Hornet) pilot did a low pass over his house (with a colleague) on his last day before joining Finnair.

    Seems as if Madeira is more positive to such antics from one of *its* own.


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