€292,000 seized in cash

… destined for Madeira from the Azores

cash being counted

FN reports on a statement released by the Judiciary Police said that “through the Criminal Investigation Department of the Azores, with the collaboration of the Guarda Nacional Republicana [GNR], it seized cash with a value slightly over €292,000, in ECB banknotes, which were concealed in a high-capacity vehicle”.

The investigation began on July 2, after the GNR identified a vehicle that was in the commercial port of the city of Ponta Delgada», in Säo Miguel, bound for the island of Madeira “In compliance with search warrants issued by the criminal police authority of the Judicial Police, dozens of bundles of banknotes were found, hidden inside the lining of the doors and in the trunk of the vehicle, which was also seized” says the PJ.

Investigations are continuing, in close coordination between the Criminal Investigation Departments of the Azores and Madeira, to fully clarify the facts and determine the perpetrators of the alleged previous illicit act, which gave rise to the seized cash.

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€292,000 seized in cash 1

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