Covid drops in Madeira

Less than 200 cases per day

Covid drops headline in JM

JM leads today with the good news that despite parties with thousands of people, the number of cases has dropped this month. The average of 500 positives per day, recorded in June, is now less than 200.

Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, explains that the reduction is the result of care and vaccination. And he recommends the fourth dose, which can be taken starting today.

COVID-19 in Madeira: previous updates can be found in an earlier post

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11 thoughts on “Covid drops in Madeira”

  1. The latest BA.4 & BA.5 strains seem to be much weaker than previous ones. Several people that I have spoken with and were fully jabbed up had no more than a sore throat, a bit of a cough & headaches for a few days. Consequently, people aren’t adding to statistics now.

    I am sure I can hear a fat lady singing………

    • Maybe, but it is still advisable for people to keep it to themselves and test and isolate if they have it, rather than spread their germs around. The same goes for people who get colds and ‘flu. They should show consideration of others, however mild or otherwise the symptoms.

    • Not sure about “much weaker”.There were 55 covid associated deaths in Madeira in June which was likely the highest monthly total since the beginning of the pandemic. Fortunately vaccination and previous infection has protected most people from serious disease and death from BA 5 but it is still capable of killing high risk and vulnerable populations, especially the elderly and unvaccinated.


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