‘Classics in Magnolia’

… continues today

Classics in Magnolia
‘Classics in Magnolia’

The exhibition ‘Classics in Magnolia’ opened yesterday and continues today, an initiative of the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture. 33 cars are on display in the beautiful grounds of Quinta Magnolia, halfway between Funchal and the Lido area to the west.

Tourism Secretary Eduardo Jesus, who visited the exhibition grounds, recalled that these are the oldest cars in circulation in Madeira. He also pointed out that there are two cars there that were recently restored, allowing their owners a moment of happiness. It’s just that the recovery of a car takes years, as he explains. Thus, for these two owners, it was extremely happy to see their vehicles on display in such a beautiful place as Quinta Magnólia.

Today, ‘Classics in Magnolia’ will be open today between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, with free admission.

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