Tourism up 33%

… as inflation sets in

Tourism headline in JM

Tourism up: JM’s front page photographic highlight focuses on tourism, which already yields 33% more than pre-pandemic levels. Total income from tourist accommodation in April this year reached €44 million, with general tourism up 33% on the same period in 2019.

The main headline reports that the war in Ukraine has raised prices and accentuated difficulties, particularly among the neediest households – a Madeira Food Bank representative says she is receiving more requests for help. The newspaper report describes the lives of some people for whom fuel is already a luxury and shopping at the supermarket is an adventure. “A sea bass has to be divided into three because the money doesn’t stretch”, notes the septuagenarian Maria Gonçalves.

Also highlighted in this edition is the tragedy that shocked Madeiran society yesterday. Rally driver Pedro Paixão dies after a motorcycle accident in Porto Santo.

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Solidarity with Ukraine

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