Ronaldo’s £1.7m Bugatti car crash

Employee crashes Bugatti Veyron into a wall in Majorca

Ronaldo car crash

The Daily Mail reports that one of the two luxury cars Cristiano Ronaldo had shipped to Majorca for his family’s summer holiday has been involved in an accident. The Man United striker’s £1.7million 900 horsepower Bugatti Veyron is believed to have crashed into a wall in the east coast resort of Sa Coma at around 11:00 am yesterday morning.

An employee of the footballer is understood to have been driving the vehicle at the time. Ronaldo himself was not in the car. The driver was unharmed but the front of Cristiano’s expensive motor was damaged. Police are investigating the incident but have not yet made any comment

Cristiano jetted to Majorca with his five children and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on June 14. They are renting a luxury home at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains and enjoying days out on Cristiano’s super yacht.

Ronaldo after taking delivery of his new car

It is the first time Cristiano and Georgina have holidayed with their daughter Esmeralda, whose twin brother died during childbirth in mid-April. They are expected to stay at the house for another three or four days.

As well as his Bugatti Cristiano also shipped over a Mercedes-Benz G-Class for their sunshine holiday.

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  1. I say the “Solidarity with Ukraine” banner should be replaced with a “Solidarity with Ronaldo” banner.

    And a fundraiser to get the poor guy the latest Bugatti variant, hopefully with better transmission.

    • I don’t believe I know anyone (contemporary) with a statue of them built while they are still living. The guy has a statue and an airport named after him! Dagnabit! They even waited for Jesus to die before they built the Cristo Rei statue(s)! But no, with Ronaldo they don’t have the decency to wait! Must… Have… Statue… Now… Chip away!


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