Porto Santo Marina improvements

€500,000 rehabilitation nears completion

Porto Santo Marina

JM reports on the Porto Santo Marina rehabilitation project, which is scheduled for completion in the first week of July. The aim was to improve operability, reinforce and replace all existing berths before the storms of recent years destroyed several pieces of equipment in this infrastructure.

The chairman of the Board of Directors at Port Authority APRAM, Paula Cabaço guarantees that the works “will not stop the activity of maritime-tourist vessels that use that marina.” She adds that during the three weeks planned for the assembly of walkways and accessory equipment, as well as the installation of water and electrical networks, tourist maritime companies, as well as resident users will be “exempt from paying the monthly fee”.

“This was a project everyone wanted, despite the inevitability of the constraints resulting from any intervention that can cause some setbacks for those who have their pleasure boats, which in this specific case number about 10. We tried to minimize the impacts and therefore, we offer these customers the possibility of opting for the use of existing APRAM moorings in the anchorage or moving the vessels to dry ground, using the travelift. In the case of the four semi-rigid vehicles that are dedicated to maritime-tourist activity, during these three weeks, these vessels will be able to pull up side by side, on the existing platforms on the dockside. Conditions are also created for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, which means that the activity will not stop,“ added Paula Cabaço.

Porto Santo Marina home to many transatlantic yachts

Porto Santo Marina  and ferry

The Porto Santo Marina work was awarded at the end of November. It went through the production of all the materials that are already in Porto Santo to be assembled, first on land, during this first week and then at sea, as of June 13, with the placement of piles and assembly of fingers and walkways, in order to to provide the Porto Santo Marina with good berthing and safety conditions, as well as improve its navigability.

The Port of Porto Santo is buffeted by winds and maritime agitation, mainly from the southwest, which sometimes cause strong waves inside the port bay, where the marina is located, damaging maritime equipment of that infrastructure.

The Porto Santo Marina is home to many yachts that carry out transatlantic voyages, a niche market that APRAM intends to develop further.

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