Porto Moniz “hot spot”

Foreign house buying interest increasing

Porto Moniz

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed, has picked up a report that according to a study carried out by Idealista, the municipality of Porto Moniz is one of the municipalities in the country, which generates the most attraction on the part of foreigners when buying a house.

The mild climate, the sun, the sea, the typical cuisine, the safety and friendliness of the Portuguese people are some of the points that attract foreigners from all over the world to visit and live in all parts Portugal. It is mainly the coastal municipalities, especially Lisbon, Porto and several cities in the Algarve, which have attracted foreigners to buy a house in the country. But not only. There are also those who look for quieter places here: in Portugal there are 10 municipalities, including Porto Moniz, with less than 5,000 inhabitants in which foreigners are more interested in acquiring a home than by the Portuguese themselves, according to a study by Idealista.

The municipalities where there is even more foreign interest in buying a house than Portuguese are Porto Moniz, on the island of Madeira, and Lajes das Flores, on the island of Flores (Azores), where 68% of visits to homes for sale received in the last three months come from abroad, according to the same study by Idealista on the southern European real estate marketplace. Next is the municipality of Nordeste, on the island of São Miguel (Azores), where 64% of registered visits are of international origin.

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  1. Porto Moniz is attractive and away from the cut and thrust of Funchal but it is small and I wouldn’t have thought properties come up on sale very often.


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