Omicron: infected people ‘not immune from contracting it again’

Lateral Flow test for Covid including the Omicron variant

MSN News reports that contracting the Omicron variant will not stop people from becoming infected with the same strain of coronavirus again. That’s according to the findings of a new study by scientists at the Imperial College London.

Previous research has found that people have been afforded some level of immunity against contracting coronavirus again if they had been infected with the original Covid virus or one of its earliest variants. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Omicron variant according to this latest study.

According to the Mirror, the findings could explain why people who have had Omicron have then caught the variant again quickly afterwards. However, the website observes that the good news is that Covid deaths registered in England and Wales have continued to fall, though the magnitude of the drop has been affected by the Jubilee bank holidays.

Omicron not remembered by immune system

A professor from Imperial College said that Omicron is able to “fly under the radar” so it is not remembered by people’s immune systems. “The message is a little bleak. Omicron and its variants are great at breakthroughs but bad at inducing immunity, thus we get reinfections ad nauseum and a badly depleted workforce,” he said, reported the Telegraph.

“Not only can it break through vaccine defences, it looks to leave very few of the hallmarks we’d expect on the immune system. It’s more stealthy than previous variants and flies under the radar, so the immune system is unable to remember it.”

Prof Danny Altmann from the Imperial College’s Department of Immunology and Inflammation

The research found that with those who were triple-vaccinated with no past infection, Omicron provided an immunity boost against earlier variants such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the original strain – but practically none against Omicron itself. A total of 186 deaths registered in the seven days to June 3 mentioned coronavirus on the death certificate, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) – this is down 55% week-on-week and is the lowest number since July 2021.

Fewer deaths were registered due to Jubilee

The latest total covers a period that includes the bank holidays marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on June 2 and 3, when most register offices were closed. This means fewer deaths were registered than would normally be the case. The disruption to registrations caused by the bank holidays is likely to have exaggerated the size of the week-on-week drop in registrations. But it is the fifth week in a row the figures have shown a decrease, suggesting Covid-19 deaths are continuing on a clear downwards trend.

It is too soon to see any impact in death registrations of the recent slight rise in Covid-19 infections in some parts of the country. Some 797,500 people in private households in England were likely to test positive for Covid-19 in the week ending June 2, the equivalent of about one in 70, the ONS said. This is up week on week from 784,100, which was also about one in 70. Infection levels are estimated to have risen in London, northwest England and southeast England, with early signs of an increase in eastern England.

Wales has seen Covid-19 infections increase very slightly to 40,500 people, up from 39,600, though both estimates are equivalent to around one in 75 people and the ONS describes the trend here as “uncertain”. The rise in prevalence is likely to have been caused by the spread of the newer Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5, along with a jump in infections compatible with the original Omicron variant BA.1.

The BA.2 variant – which caused a record wave of infections in spring this year – remains the dominant strain in the UK, however.

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Omicron: infected people 'not immune from contracting it again' 1

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67 thoughts on “Omicron: infected people ‘not immune from contracting it again’”

  1. A non headline. Most sensible people know you can get it again. If you have had your jabs however you are extremely unlikely to be very unwell. I contracted the latest Omicron variant whilst on holiday recently in the Algarve and had a headache and minor cough for about 48 hours. Fortunately I have had two jabs plus a booster. I know I could possibly get it again but that does not concern me at all, similar to knowing I could conceivably contract the common cold.

        • I’m sorry Caroline but illness is part of life and being alive. We all have encounters with mild illness and it makes us stronger. Some have encounters with serious illness and that is very unfortunate but also part of life. Illness of some sort can’t be avoided as part of a full and fulfilling life.

          • Sorry, but this is a seriously stupid comment!! I am very well aware that illness is a part of life, I was a teacher of Primary and ASD pupils, so have had a lifetime of mixing with children whose parents had sent them to school, however ill they were, (just so that they could get them off their hands) with the result that their germs went round everyone, staff and children alike, meanwhile not only were these children not capable of working properly, but they disrupted others and often the work of the admin. staff who had to look after them at times!

            So I have lived a life full of catching careless and thoughtless people’s bugs!! But what person in their right mind, would not try to avoid catching a cold or ‘flu or anything else that is going to make them feel under the weather? And what person with any kind of thought for others would deliberately and knowingly take no precautions to prevent others from getting ill?

            • @Caroline, if you have “lived a life full of catching careless and thoughtless people’s bugs”, you have a shitty immune system. Eat healthier (fresh foods, non-industrial), get some sun, surround yourself with people you love and who love you back, walk barefoot on the ground sometimes, generally spend more time in nature. If you don’t have loving people to surround yourself with, at least get a dog. It does wonders for the immune system. Getting the so-called “flu” or any other seasonal colds is how our bodies detoxify. Getting a fever is the immune system’s way to purge toxins and cleanse the body. Modern “medicine” has fucked it all up with its toxic prescription drugs. It’s a fucking BUSINESS. And healthy people are BAD for business!

              All you fear-mongers, vax pushers and pill poppers are no more than a bunch of junkies.

              • Strange, very strange.

                You eat healthy? You are surrounded by people you love and love you? You walk barefoot?
                I know plenty people who fit that description, but none of them react so agressively as you when somebody challenges their opinions.

                Mindfulness they call it, but obviously that can not be combined with mouthfulness.
                And please mind your language – on this blog there migt be people here with a little bit of decorum.

                • @Hardly: There must be a reason I haven’t been sick in more than a decade.

                  People get sick for two (main) reasons:

                  1. They’re TOXIC as fuck. Not to mention over-medicated, which is pretty much the same thing. Bad relationships also count as toxic.

                  2. They get low density “nutrition”. Hardly any life force in most of what people consume.

                  All this has nothing to do with “mindfulness”. Just plain common sense, which is out of reach for most. Get the good stuff in and leave the toxic stuff out. It really is THAT simple.

                  (There are also genetic factors, but those too can be mitigated or at least delayed to some extent)

                  PS: And seriously? You, John Hardly, telling me to “mind my language”? You, who not so long ago insinuated that I was “down wind from Chernobyl”? Wow, the cojones you must imagine yourself to have down there when hiding behind the keyboard!

                    • I don’t take language lessons from you, Chernobyl Nutty John.

                      The Admin can ban me if he so pleases. It’s his prerogative.

                      Until this does or does not happen, kindly keep your hypocritical crap to yourself. Or put it to some constructive use, like a compost pile.

                • @Andrew: In case you are addressing me, I not really “angry”, ever. But I DO use a bit of linguistic “ingress” to make my points.

                  But, just as a thought experiment, imagine someone with my kind world view, who for the past 2+ years has been relentlessly called names such as nutter, nut job, left or right extremist, bio-hazard, conspiracy theorist, crazy, down-wind from Chernobyl, must be censored and silenced, etc…

                  And while I have “thick skin” after growing up in Soviet Union, I decided I will no longer be silent. And yes, sometimes, some “harsh” seeming lingo can be useful to break the hypnotic spell most people are under. But when people are collapsing under peer pressure, virtue signaling and succumbing to the toxic crap the Corporate Media and the Pharma Industry tries to put in us with “Divide and Conquer” tactics, you will kindly excuse me if I don’t give a fuck about “decorum”. I just love my fellow human beings too much. Of this, I am 100% GUILTY!

                  @Andrew, if you addressed your comment at someone else, I apologize for the misunderstanding, but what I wrote here remains equally valid.

                    • Praise Mighty Nutty Hardly McChernobyl, we have ourselves a censor in chief!

                      Thank heavens someone dares to address the REAL issues, as opposed to obsessively beat around the bush in a quasi-theatrical haze of repetitive & mind-washed stupor merry-go-round.

              • @Russel Keeley: I’m sure she can. I bet she’s just getting warmed up! LOL.

                Caroline and Hardly are like the gift/Gift (I also learned German) that keeps on giving… and giving…

                We should be grateful for all the blunt rocks we can use to sharpen our wits on!

                • Have you noticed that I insulted the comment and attacked the points, not the person. You should try it sometime, especially when you have no knowledge of the author of the comment, the type of person they are and the life they have lived.

                  Just for information, your assumptions of me could not be further from the truth, but it did strike me, as it did John, that if such pure living has resulted in such an angry, spiteful, self righteous personality as yourself, that’s not a very good advert!

                  • “Angry, spiteful, self righteous…”

                    You DO realize who you’re REALLY talking about, yes?

                    As for me, I’m the kindest and sweetest woman you would ever meet in person. I’m just having some fun on this site, with a predilection for deconstructing BS mentalities and toxic belief system. One could even say I am a sort of healer, if you read carefully between the lines. But it’s like the omelette and the eggs, you know.

                    But seriously, Caroline, I’m quite sure you’re a sweetheart IRL. Just deeply misguided.

                • @Caroline: Every snowflake (such as yourself) is a meltdown waiting to happen.

                  If you feel “insulted”, grow a thicker skin! But perhaps it’s too much to ask, after your skin has already been pierced and perforated multiple time by all those jabs… No wonder your defenses are compromised!

                  • I realise that expressions like snowflake and sheeple are part of todays social media vocabulary.
                    But I hoped this site was different – about Madeira and all that, you know.

                    And what is the strangest thing of all: You, the non compromising freedom fighter, uses the social media that are much worse then Big Brother Government.

                    • Harldy. Just feeding your own pseudo-medicine back to you.

                      If only this blog was only about Madeira (I wish, as I LOVE this place). But as long as Corporate Propaganda is posted, I WILL have my say, and will use any verbal arsenal at my disposal.

                      If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the darn (!) kitchen. Dagnabit!

  2. I enjoy raw fillet steak daily, keep my sugar to a minimum, eat no wheat products and get plenty of salt
    Olives, hemp oil, cbd and a thc tincture when I need to reduce inflammation, I also enjoy rum, red wine, whisky and beer profusely

    We are here for a good time, not a long time

      • How about YOU avoid posting on this blog after consuming too much corporate propaganda? But wait, that means you won’t ever post again, so we can’t have that!

        To your credit, you are (Hardly) keeping me entertained.

          • @Caroline sweetheart, I am posting Basic Common Sense.

            To spot actual Propaganda, look no further than your own countryman, George Orwell. He had it right all those years ago. Here’s some quotes for you dear, as relevant today as when they were written:

            “War is peace.
            Freedom is slavery.
            Ignorance is strength.”

            “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.”

            “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

            “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

            “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ”

            “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

            ― George Orwell, from his book 1984
            Read and learn, my dear.

  3. Public Service Announcement:

    Mr. John Hardy has been systemically marginalizing people and calling others derogatory names, such as nutty, crazy, down-wind from Chernobyl and much more.

    Yet, when someone else occasionally employs some “spicy” linguistic iterations, all of a sudden he starts pissing his panties in righteous indignation.

    The hypocrisy!

    • LOL. Already had supper and we usually go to bed early anyway 🙂

      (best sleep quality is before midnight, for some reason…)

      Good night to everyone!

    • @Ken: Tell your friend it has NOTHING to do with Madeira.

      It has to do with the perpetual corporate fear-mongering that seemingly every news outlet is posting nowadays.

    • @Ken: Also ask yourself, what does this article have to do with Madeira?
      It talks about the latest BS variants of the Omri-Con and the fake queen’s jubilee.
      So there, NOTHING to do with Madeira.
      I guess it’s mostly aimed at Brits who still think they’re an empire.

        • @Ken: What’s your problem, dear?

          You asked a simple question, and I replied graciously.

          Neither the main Article on this page NOR the comment replies have ANYTHING to do with Madeira.

          Am I “boring” you by providing a sensible reply to your (very legitimate) question?

          Well, if you find me “boring”, the opposite is true from my end. I personally find you quite entertaining.

              • Ken, do not get overexited by Suzy calling you “dear”.
                Long before the Russian peace keeping mission started I was called “dear” too by Suzy.
                And many others who dared to oppose her posts.

                My Polish friends ( and you can check google) told me that “dear” is a common greeting by Kiev women for Polish Weekend trippers.

                Thailand on the Dnieper….

                • So according to Hardly, apparently I am “fake” Susan but a “real” whore from Ukraine. Now I’m starting to get confused about me identity. Am I even real? LOL 🙂

                  For clarity’s sake, I am a happily married woman. Unless you think all women are whores, especially from Ukraine. And “dear” is merely a term of enDEARment. Used a lot in UK as well.

                  • Where did you read that accusation?

                    I was only illustrating why Ukrainians should not be elevated to sainthood – while putting them on the same level as the Russians (as you did before) is preposterous.
                    After all, it was the Russian elite that started the war.

                    Or maybe I am part of the Big Conspiracy too?

                    • @Tardy:

                      1. You didn’t make the accusation explicitly, you made it implicitly.

                      2. Ultimately it’s all the fault of the Anglo-Saxons and their obsession with empire building. Nah, just kidding.

                      Everyone, regardless of their “flag”, is dancing to the tune of the same puppet masters. Countries without any external debt (like Romania in early 1989) are a danger to the (banking) empires and must be destroyed, financially or structurally or both. Same for countries that don’t dance to the tune of Central Banks because they have plenty of natural resources (Libya).

                    • Re: the war.

                      The Russia-Ukraine situation is complex and not one-sided. Putin is a psychopath, but he’s also a survivor, no matter what the cost. Zelensky is an actor and a puppet for the West and the central banks. Putin is trying to appear to be dancing at two weddings simultaneously. On one hand, he used to rub shoulders with Klaus Swab and the Davos clique not too long ago. On the other hand, he’s trying do defend himself (if only for no other reason than to stay in power), against the constant Western provocations and militarization of Russian borders, by US and NATO, etc… Ukraine is key territory and unfortunate collateral in this corporate “war”. The peoples of EITHER nation don’t matter to those psychopaths. They are merely sacrificed as pawns in this sick game or hostile corporate take-overs.

                      To make it PERFECTLY clear: I am NOT defending ANY of the psychopaths, not Putin, not Zelensky, not the European Comission, not the US government, not the other psychopath Xi Jinping, and certainly not the fake (German) queen of the British “Commonwealth” Empire, who the Canadian Prime Ministers still swear their allegiance to, instead of swearing it to their own people, because it’s NEVER about the people. It’s all a giant clusterfuck.

                      Remember the old Chinese CURSE? “May you live in interesting times.”

                    • @John “TheDelicateSensitiveSoulWhoCallsMeAWhoreButWhinesAboutMyLanguage” Hardy

                      ClusterFUCK. It’s a well known and often used expression to adequately describe certain types of situations. Look it up. It’s an older generation neologism.

  4. Another Public Service Announcement:

    My husband and I will be traveling to Mexico for a while to look into some real estate options, in case the Euro zone goes to hell even more that it has already. It’s our Plan B. I’ll probably be too busy to work on your deprogramming, so you all get a well deserved vacation from me.

    But I’ll be back!

    Meanwhile, be good boys and girls and don’t forget to eat your vegetables!

    • @Kenn Doll my dear, this “blog” would be a total bore without all those lively and occasionally incisive comments.

      I have a feeling Mr. Admin is well aware of it 🙂

        • @Hardly Darly, as I’ve been called “such a bore”, I must protest in self-righteous indignation! LOL!

          I am not at all boring! This “blog” would be little more than a confirmation-biased echo-chamber without the likes of me 🙂

          • QUOTE: This “blog” would be little more than a confirmation-biased echo-chamber without the likes of me 🙂

            Ah, but also it could be informative on the subject of…………. – guess – MADEIRA!
            But it’s all about clicks, I guess, and that is none of my business.

            • @John Tardy: Whenever this blog ACTUALLY posts about Madeira, you’ll find me to be surprisingly quiet.

              And you are absolutely right: It’s none of your business. Yet, you manage to make it your “business” every time I don’t let you get away with your systemic trolling, by simply posting basic common sense, and yes, occasionally also trolling you back… and not entirely without a certain amount of empathy and compassion, I might add 🙂


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