Madeira Palácio Residences sold for €40m

Police “Summer 2022” operation

Madeira Palácio Residences headline in JM

JM headlines this morning tht Grupo Pestana has sold Madeira Palácio Residences for €40 million. The project was integrated into the business of the former hotel and provided for a luxury beachfront condominium, which is now in the possession of a real estate developer.

The Front Page photographic highlight goes to an event that is already a reference in the Region. Teaching has to keep up with new challenges. The IV edition of Jornadas Madeira, which began yesterday in Câmara de Lobos, indicated that the future of education also involves investing in distance learning, the digital revolution, artificial intelligence or decentralization. Reportedly, the discussion was not unanimous.

Madeira Palácio Residences sold for €40m 1
Madeira Palácio Residences in the foreground, the old Madeira Palácio hotel behind

Police “Summer 2022” operation

Both main newspapers feature the annual Police “Summer 2022” operation. Given the approaching vacation period for many Madeirans and also the expected influx of tourists to the Region, the PSP (Security Police) are running their ‘Verão Seguro 2022’ operation.

This has been in force since June 6 and will remain until September 30. In Madeira, says the PSP Regional Command, this will be operationalized in four “essential areas”.

Thus, the PSP will reinforce road traffic surveillance and preventive patrolling in areas with the highest concentration of people,

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

Madeira Palácio Residences sold for €40m 3

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