Madeira looking abroad for workers

“Some lack of manpower”

Growth headline - leading to demand for workers from abroad

Press agency Lusa reports that the Regional Government of Madeira has acknowledged that the tourism sector faces a lack of manpower and is now looking to recruit workers from abroad.

“In April 2022, compared to 2019, we grew by 25% in overnight stays, 22% in guests, 33% in total income and 35% in RePar [revenue per available room]”, said Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, underlining that April was the best month in the archipelago’s 200-year history of tourism. More details of the record month can be found here.

“Everything comes together for the region to benefit from a good summer”, said the Regional President, admitting that there is “some lack of manpower” and pointing as a solution to the hiring of workers abroad, “as is done in all tourist destinations”.

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7 thoughts on “Madeira looking abroad for workers”

  1. Could be difficult, all minimum wage jobs, waiters, cleaners, chamber maids. All have to find accommodation, travel costs with inflation starting to take off.

  2. A lot of lazy locals hanging around don’t they want to work ?

    They always complain there is no jobs?

    I Can’t imagine the need to import workers?

  3. More staff at the airport would help on busy days…? You want the tourists, however the airport can’t cope on a busy day…invest & get the begging bowl out to the EU…!


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