Heathrow tells airlines to cut passenger numbers

… as chaos continues for another month

Heathrow, where passenger numbers will be cut

The Times reports this morning that passenger numbers will be cut as thousands of travellers a day are to be stopped from booking flights out of Heathrow until at least next month as Britain’s biggest airport takes drastic action to tackle the overcrowding and cancellations that have brought misery to holidaymakers over the last few weeks.

The newspaper explains that Heathrow has ordered airlines to cut by a third the number of passengers flying from its terminals at certain times of the day until July 3, warning: “Without a reduction in demand, the operation would not be considered safe.”

Last week’s half-term holidaymakers were caught up in chaotic queues and subjected to last-minute cancellations as much of the aviation sector failed to cope with a surge in passenger numbers.

Heathrow’s management blamed delays at check-in for “dangerous levels of congestion or crowding” and applied for a temporary reduction in capacity from 11,200 to 8,610 passengers departing every hour in the evenings.

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The move comes as Britain’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told airlines last week to stop selling tickets for flights they cannot staff after a spate of cancellations caused widespread disruption for holidaymakers.

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    • Ditto the airports. It appears to be six of one and half a dozen of the other, with zero communication between the two! Just a mess all round.


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