Grape crop guaranteed

Regional Government guarantees grape production

Grape headline in JM

JM headlines that the flow of the entire production of grapes in Madeira is assured this year. The guarantee was obtained yesterday after a meeting between the Secretary of Agriculture and economic operators in the wine sector. The price per kilo also increases, reveals Humberto Vasconcelos to the newspaper.

The same source reports that Porto Santo will have twice as many police officers in August. Presidente da Câmara Municipal do Porto Santo Nuno Batista still supports the idea of ​​having surveillance cameras to prevent vandalism, but not this summer.

Child injured after lorry skids

JM also reports on details of an unusually serious accident in central Funchal, where three were injured in a collision involving a truck. The incident, involving several vehicles, occurred at the access roundabout to Estrada Engenheiro Jaime Ornelas Camachoto tunnel at the western end of the Port of Funchal, after the truck had skidded.

It caused at least three injuries and substantial material damage, including a child, who are members of the same household who were travelling in one of the six vehicles involved in the accident.

AgoraMadeira have the photo of the accident opposite, and another of the car buried under the truck – the latter illustrating graphically how much more serious the accident could have been.

The truck driver who lost control of the truck today claims to have run out of brakes, according to the website. The driver was coming down from the access to the expressway when he was unable to stop the heavy vehicle, climbed the roundabout and crashed head-on into a vehicle that was going up the access tunnel to the Port of Funchal. 

And it was in the car that was hit head-on that the three injuries occurred – a 45-year-old father, a 43-year-old mother and a 13-year-old daughter. Of the three, only the woman was trapped, but, according to the latest information gathered by AgoraMadeira, she was only slightly injured. The man and child were also slightly injured.

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    • Is there a cooperative in practice where individual growers provide grapes to a processor? Are the grapes used for the table and or for wine production?





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