Gold Visas continue to grow

… yielding €8.4m over 30 months

Diario headline on Gold Visas

The Diario leads today with a report that ‘Gold Visas already yield more than in 2021 in Madeira”. In almost two and a half years of attribution, the Region received close to €8.4 million, 41% of which was in just five months of this year. 

New hospital overspend

Rogério Gouveia, in statements to JM, admits that it is “inevitable” that the work will have “increased costs” in view of the rise in prices. The head of Finance hopes, therefore, to meet again with the Republic, so that it follows the increase in costs “in its proportion of 50%”.

Sustainable destination

In what the Diario website describes as an area of ​​important relevance for the archipelago, the president of IPDT – Turismo Consultoria, Jorge Costa, supports the idea of  ​​protecting the “legacy” of the Region and praises “the involvement of all in the Certification of Sustainable Destination”.

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Solidarity with Ukraine

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