Fresh airport chaos this morning

… this time at Heathrow

more airport chaos as bags mount outside T2
Bags mount up outside Heathrow T2 this morning

The Daily Mail website reports this Monday morning on fresh airport chaos as Heathrow orders airlines to cancel 10% of today’s flights to cope with baggage backlog leaving 15,000 passengers stranded and EasyJet slashes MORE flights at Gatwick.

The issue started on Friday with Heathrow chiefs blaming a ‘technical glitch’ in the luggage system. But it has sparked a huge baggage backlog which has been described a ‘carpet of luggage’.

15,000 passengers are left stranded at the eleventh hour following weeks of flight delays and cancellations. 90 flights are expected to be affected today after airlines flying from T2 and T3 asked to scale back flight departures, leading to more airport chaos. 

The same source reports that easyJet has also said it is ‘proactively consolidating a number of flights’ at airports affected by ‘operational issues’. The airline expects its capacity between April and June to be 87% of 2019 levels – rising to 90% during the following three months. easyjet has also warned investors that there will be a ‘cost impact’ from the airport chaos and the amount of money it spends to operate each seat per kilometre excluding fuel will ‘exceed’ previous guidance.

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