Festas de Säo Joäo

… officially open in Porto Santo

Festas de Säo Joäo in Porto Santo

The Festas de Säo Joäo 2022 are now officially open in Porto Santo. At the start of the festivities, there is normally a lot of tradition on Ilha Dourada, but there were reported to be “no speeches of circumstance”.

The honour of opening the event was given to the Banda de Camara de Lobos, which in Largo das Palmeiras, next to the altar of Säo Joäo, played some of their music that was accompanied by fireworks to mark the opening of the ‘arraial’,

Presidente da Câmara Municipal do Porto Santo Nuno Batista  said that this “is a very important moment after two years of interregnum, and many months of work are here by
the entire Chamber team and other collaborators, and many people from Porto Santo”.

According to the mayor, the Festas de Säo Joäo “is a party made by people from Porto and it is above all for people from Porto Santo”. The mayor of Porto Santo hopes that everyone “have fun and enjoy it because this is the high moment of our culture, and we want to take the culture of Porto Santo as far as possible”.

Even so, the mayor did not fail to note that this “is a party equally prepared for those who visit us”. leaving the note that “all Porto-Santenses will be proud of the party that we all prepared together”.

Full Festas de Säo Joäo 2022 program here:

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