Covid-19: updates now monthly

334 deaths to date, 2 in intensive care

Hospital, where Covid stats will now be released monthly

JM reports online that the hospital administration authority (SESARAM) announced today that the epidemiological bulletin on Covid-19 will now move to a monthly frequency

“From today, the newsletter on the epidemiological situation of Covid-19 in RAM will be sent by the Regional Health Directorate with a monthly frequency”, informed a press release from SESARAM sent to the media.

In the same note, SESARAM updated their statistics, confirming that in the period between June 20 and 26, 14 people died from Covid-19 in the Region. With these, the total number of deaths associated with the virus rises to 334.

Today’s bulletin indicates that, in the period under review, 74 people were hospitalized, of which two were in intensive care.

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Covid-19: updates now monthly 1

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  1. I think there is not remotely enough covid stuff on this blog.

    Please post more covid articles, otherwise it will just die out and then what would become of us? We’ll be lost without it. Our newly acquired sense of covidentity would be demolished! Have mercy!

    Also, not enough posts about wars and flags and vaccines and monkey hoax and politicians’ mouth farts.

    For your consideration.

    Many thanks from desperately covid-seeking (but never finding) Susan.


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