Covid-19: Portugal worst in Europe

… and 2nd worst in the world for new cases

Worst in EU graphic

JM reports that Portugal remains the European Union (EU) country with the worst number of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection per million inhabitants in the last seven days and is second in the world in the same indicator.

According to the statistical website Our World in Data, Portugal is also the EU country with the most new daily deaths per million inhabitants in the last seven days and is third in the world in this indicator.

The daily average of new cases in Portugal dropped from a worst-case 2,380 per million inhabitants two weeks ago to 1,560 today. Of the European Union’s partners, France follows with 703, Germany with 685, Luxembourg (673) and Greece (614).

Globally, considering countries and territories with more than one million inhabitants, Taiwan has the highest average of new daily cases (2,410), followed by Portugal, Australia (1,060), New Zealand (977) and Bahrain (814).

With regard to new daily deaths attributed to Covid-19, Portugal maintains the highest in the European Union, with 3.63, practically the same as the average of 3.68 two weeks ago, followed by Finland, with 1.47, Estonia. with 1.29, Spain with 1.14 and Malta with 1.11.

In global terms, looking at territories and countries with more than one million inhabitants, Oman has the highest daily average of new deaths attributed to covid-19 (10), followed by Taiwan (6.29), Portugal, Uruguay (2, 43) and New Zealand (1.95).

The average number of new daily cases per million inhabitants in the European Union is 415 and that of new daily deaths is 0.63.

The world average of new cases is at 67 and that of new deaths attributed to Covid-19 is at 0.17.

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13 thoughts on “Covid-19: Portugal worst in Europe”

      • Thanks Andrew for your response to Steve. Vaccine efficacy has taken a hit with the Omicron variants but the data is clear. Vaccinated (2 shots) people are 5 times less likely to die from Covid than the unvaccinated. Additionally, if you are boosted you are 3 times less likely to die than those who received only 2 shots.
        I remain baffled about where the antivaccine folks get their data. Happy to forward research on request.

    • Nobody claimed the vaccines would stop people catching the virus. What they did say was that the vaccines would boost people’s defences which would lead to fewer deaths or hospitalizations.

      • @Caroline: It’s called freedom to decide what we choose to put in our bodies. I know, it may appear as a shocking concept to you.

        On a side note, Caroline: I have friends who traveled to India in the past and they were ADVISED to to get certain jabs. What I do NOT recall, is those people DEMANDING that ALL of India’s population gets those jabs as well, so THEY (the travelers) can be “safe” and “protected” for the “common good”. That’s Bullshit Zombie Hive-Mind “Logic”. But please, by all means, get your quarterly injections, keep triple masking and social-distance yourself in perpetuity, to maintain the illusion that all this is somehow magically “protecting” you (and “others”), because “others” obviously matter so much to you to the point of wanting to silence “other” voices who don’t share your delusional fantasies. Damn, girl! You’re something else! In fact, such devotion and dedication to the Corporate Narratives is quite commendable. If only it would be directed towards more constructive avenues… Otherwise, you are directly supporting the not-so-sublet onset of TYRANNY. And there is NO vaccine against that.

        And if you don’t “get” this, then it’s most likely too late for you. There will be other who’s time to awaken will come.

        Slàinte Mhath, mo leannan bhoidheach!


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